How to Unlock Sex Scenes in Subverse – Pandora Hub, Earn PP Points

How to Unlock Sex Scenes in Subverse

This guide will show you how you can unlock sex scenes in Subverse which allows you to watch the intimate sex scenes of your crewmates. The process of watching the sex scenes is accessible in the beginning but only becomes truly available after you keep playing the game.

Let’s take a look at how you can first unlock the sex scenes and then where you can watch these whenever you want. The game is currently in Early Access and though the process of watching the intimate scenes is pretty much going to remain the same, things might slightly change when the game is fully launched. Nonetheless, below you will find how to unlock the sex scenes and how to watch them.

How to Unlock Sex Scenes in Subverse

Subverse is an explicit scenes-filled game with the core of the gameplay about intimacy with the detailed female characters in the game. Each character can be bonded with intimately which then unlocks sex scenes for your viewing pleasure.

When you start the game, you will learn about the Pandora Hub, which is where you can access all the sex scenes you have unlocked. But Pandora will only show the scenes you have unlocked, which means to access more of such lewd content you are required to do extra. You don’t have to wonder too long what this might be as the game lets you earn and use Pooter Points or PP.

By spending PP, you can unlock sex scenes for a chosen character of your liking, that you can later watch in the Pandora hub.

Sex Scenes Subverse

How to Access Pandora Hub

Although the Pandora hub is introduced early on in the game, it truly becomes accessible after you play quite a bit of the game before you can use it on the Mary Celeste. This is because some of the areas will be unlocked and will only be available as you progress in the story.

The area you are looking for is the Captain’s Quarter, as it contains the Pandora hub. Once you have this area unlocked, click on the bed in this quarter and you will find the Pandora hub option allowing you to view the sex scenes you have unlocked so far.

How to Earn PP (Pooter Points)

PP is one of the currency in Subverse that you can earn during your gameplay, with each character giving you varying amounts of PP earned. This is because each character comes with their own abilities that can be used in missions and during combat. The more missions you complete, the more XP you can gain.

As you increase the devotion level of the characters, you will earn PP. This means that the more you play with a certain character and the more you level up, the more PP you can get in the end.

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This is how you can unlock the sex scenes in Subverse using the Pandora Hub to view them, and PP to unlock them. Post your comments below.

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