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Interview SF Girls

Nutaku is the world’s biggest adult gaming platform and it features the world’s biggest collection of adult games as well. One such title is SF Girls which was released earlier this year in June on Nutaku.net and it currently one of the hottest Tower Defense titles on the platforms. We recently got an opportunity to have an interview with the developers of SF Girls and we decided to get to know them better, ask them about how the adult video game industry is working out for them as well as their future plans. Read on below for our exclusive interview with the development team of SF Girls currently available in Nutaku.

GH: Tell us a little about your studio.

Ans:  Our team is based in Hong Kong, where the gaming industry is largely influenced by the Japanese gaming industry. We have a very young team, with the majority of our team members under their 30s. SF Girls was developed by two brothers as a collaboration between two different companies – Philip from Anxious Otter Games and William from Antigravity Games. We’re also very proud to say that most of our game designers are women.

GH: Was adult gaming the niche for your studio right from the start or the transition took place later?

Ans: Our studio had initially partnered up with some of the top mainstream video game distribution platforms. Two years ago, we came across a great opportunity in the adult gaming industry. Thanks to the influence from the Japanese H-culture and our familiarity with the subject matter, we went for it. Our first adult game, Seven Sirens, allowed us to get a closer look and learn the intricacies of the adult game industry. Then, SF Girls became our second adult game. Although it was not easy to find someone willing to work in the adult industry, we managed to gather an open-minded team of fantastic designers who had at least played one adult game.

GH: Given the opportunity, would your studio consider developing a title that does not fall in the adult gaming niche?

Ans: We are already developing non-adult titles at the same time which has some good results but it is under another studio brand.

GH: What are your main challenges for making games specifically for the adult gamer market?

Ans: Creating an adult game is definitely more challenging than a non-adult game. While adult games have always existed in video games, it is still considered taboo to talk about it and most of all to create one. But thankfully, as mentioned above, we managed to have a team of open-minded artists well-versed with the nature of the content, which requires multifold workload in comparison with non-adult content. In addition, we are glad to work with the Nutaku Publishing team who helped us improve the entire game – whether it be art style or storyline – through valuable feedback based on their analysis of players’ taste. Our strong partnership with Nutaku Publishing allows us to continue offering high-quality adult games by tapping into fetishes and desires at the right time while providing continuous support to our growing community.

GH: Marketing is relatively a difficult part for NSFW titles as not many gaming sites are comfortable covering them on their channels? How do you overcome this challenge?

Ans: Marketing for mainstream video games is already challenging, and it is even harder for adult games. Luckily, our partnership with Nutaku allows us to overcome certain hurdles and we rely on their expertise to help us promote our game.

GH: How has your experience been so far working with Nutaku, considering that it is the world’s biggest adult gaming platform?

Ans: Nutaku is a great platform with tons of opportunities. Partnering with a very powerful and resourceful distribution channel has been beneficial for us. Nutaku has very few competitors but none of them can provide what they give us. We, as a game developing studio, got a great podium to showcase our ideas and what we have to offer. We also get valuable feedback on how to cater to our players’ diverse tastes. Our user base is constantly engaged and all the marketing opportunities to promote SF Girls are important, whether it is about amplifying our in-game events or promoting new content additions via social media among other things.

GH: Tell us a little about your game SF Girls.

Ans: SF Girls is the first game that was made exclusively for Nutaku with features tailor-made to fit their platform requirements but also to test key player engagement opportunities. For example, Discord integration for Nutaku players so that we can always spark engaging conversations with the community and minimal hardcore difficulty while maintaining a strong PVP system in the game.

SF Girls is a tower defense game with some cool action-adventure elements. With a combination of hentai visuals and sci-fi elements, we wanted to offer players thrilling action and hot dating opportunities through an interstellar experience whether you are on a PC browser or an Android device.

GH: After SF Girls, are you guys planning to release a brand new title?

Ans: Yes! Definitely! We are already developing another title and we hope to get it out by 2020, but the project is currently delayed because of Covid-19.

GH: Normally with adult games, we see that players are more focused on the H-rated scenes and skipping the other parts of the game but with SF Girls, there is a big focus on story and many different parts of the game as well. Do you think that adding extra content to adult games actually makes them more attractive to players?

Ans: We value all different elements – the storyline, the art and sound design, the graphic fidelity, the characters – as an integral part of any game. This also includes the H-rated scenes. We believe that players should get a wholesome experience by enjoying both the adult content and the game genre that they love.

GH: What do you think is the future of the adult gaming industry? We’ve seen a massive increase in the traditional gaming scene. Do you think that adult gaming is going to enjoy the same growth?

Ans: The traditional gaming scene is definitely getting over-saturated with only a small number of game development studios finding success. We believe that the indie studios can leverage the emerging, non-saturated adult gaming space to bolster their creativity. For what we’re concerned about, we want to create more fun and enjoyable adult games and fill up the whole Nutaku’s ranking list!

GH: While developing a title for the adult gaming market, what do you guys think about first and what are the main aspects of the game that you guys put extra effort into? Is it the story, the H-rated scenes, or extra content such as daily challenges and such?

Ans: As said above, we give equal weight to every component that makes up a great game. For SF Girls, our first step is analyzing Nutaku players’ preferences and what’s popular among players. Although we are more familiar with Japanese H-game culture with hardcore game designs, what seems to be more popular on Nutaku is casual, idle, and clicker games. We try our best to cater to that genre but we want to offer new experiences as well. We want to ensure that players advance in our game by reducing the game design difficulty while maintaining some kind of player challenge to keep them further engaged. As for the visuals, we take inspiration from the Japanese-style H-rated scenes to adapt our characters to a more western art style.

This concludes our interview with the developers of SF Girls. If you want to try out their game, you can head over to Nutaku.net and start playing the game right now or check out the details on our website.

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