Nutaku Set to Launch New Dating Sim Called College Life

College Life

Nutaku has announced that its upcoming hot dating simulator College Life is launching soon. The adult game will be available exclusively on the Nutaku website on May 13.

College life features 12 sexy ladies, 100 custom decorations and over 200 quests to build Beaverton. This is a very horny college town where all the naughty fantasies get fulfilled. Nutaku is also offering some in-game rewards for pre-registrations of the game right now.

If the pre-registrations reach more than 10,000, you will be getting 2,150 Money and 50x Kisses. If the registration numbers cross more than 20,000, the reward will be increased to 3,000 Money and 100x kisses. The biggest reward will be given only if the pre-registrations cross more than 30,000, where Nutaku will give you 5,000 Money, 150x Kisses, and a rare outfit for Amy. If you want to avail of these awards, make sure you are one of the players that pre-register for the game.

College Life

College Life is currently in soft-launch in the following countries: Canada, Australia, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Philippines, Vietnam and Argentina.

Last week Nutaku announced that it is releasing a brand new fantasy-themed CCG War of Venus on its adult gaming platform. In War of Venus, the Avalon continent is in grave danger and you are the only man around. You are assigned the duty of assembling a team of hot ladies in an effort to save this all-female fantasy land from the evil inquisition’s invasion. You will have the ability to expand the harem and prepare for adventurous battles and sexy encounters in this brand new engaging strategy game.

Previous releases by Nutaku include Heavy Metal Babes and Monster Harem. is currently the world’s biggest adult gaming platform which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and a grand milestone of 45 million registered users.

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