Nvidia RTX 2070 Max-Q

Nvidia RTX 2070 Max-Q Mobile Graphics Perform Better Than Desktop GTX 1080

Nvidia RTX Mobile graphics have been rumored for a while now. We even got to see some trademarks that confirmed that such a thing exists…


Intel Graphics Xe Concept Design Looks Impressively Powerful

Intel Graphics Xe is in development right now. Intel has hired plenty of talent from the industry to get behind the project and compete against…

Destiny 2 cutscene

New Destiny 2 Cutscene Pays Tribute To Our Vanguard Hunter Cayde-6 (Spoilers)

Destiny 2 DLC The Black Armory is out now and some players have discovered a new cutscene that seems to be a major part of…

Xbox One Black Screens

Why Xbox Scarlett Will Be The Biggest Comeback For Microsoft In 2020

The Xbox Scarlett is the upcoming next-generation console that Microsoft is working on right now. From what we have seen since 2017, Microsoft is on its…

AMD Athlon 220GE

AMD Athlon 220GE And 240GE, First Dual-core Chips With Vega Graphics

AMD has already released the Athlon 200GE series APUs but now we have the AMD Athlon 220GE and 240GE chips that have 2 cores and…

Nvidia GTX 1160

Nvidia GTX 1160 To Kick Off GeForce 11 Series According To Reports

It was rumored that the mid-range and entry-level cards would not be part of the RTX series and that seems to be the case according…

EA Executive

EA Executive Fired For “Who Has The Bigger D**k” Remark

Jean Philippe Grenet, senior director at EA Ireland was fired for mentioning “who has the bigger d#$k” on a video call with a female colleague….

Nvidia Titan RTX Benchmarks

Nvidia Titan RTX Benchmarks Reveal It’s The Most Powerful GPU

PC hardware enthusiast “Death” shared benchmarks of the Nvidia Titan RTX which was overclocked and liquid cooled. The Nvidia Titan RTX benchmarks reveal that it…

2019 PlayStation 5

2019 PlayStation 5 Reveal Confirmed By New PS Holiday Theme

The new PlayStation holiday theme is out and if you have checked it out then you might have noticed that the “S” has been replaced…

Xbox Game Pass

Mysterious New Xbox Game Pass Title Coming This Thursday With Ori And Shadow Warrior 2

Xbox Game Pass offers a whole library of games for a small monthly fee. A couple of games were added to the service recently but…